Our Partners

Pierre Fabre

France’s second largest private pharmaceutical company, operating in two main areas: pharmaceuticals and dermo-cosmetic products. Mediline represents all Pierre Fabre’s therapeutic products in Israel.


Blistex is a privately owned American company that leads the market in lip care products. Their products are manufactured under license in Mediline’s factory and exported by Mediline to Turkey, Greece and Corfu.


This Greek company comprises a group of companies that manufacture, distribute, and market a wide variety of health and beauty products in Greece and overseas. The company is represented worldwide by large corporations. It is also active in R&D.

Kao Brands

KAO International is an international company based in Japan. One of its subsidiaries is the American company KAO Brands, a market leader in skin care products, and Mediline is a franchise company producing most of its products.


France’s largest private pharmaceutical company with a presence in 140 countries. They specialize indrugs to treat major diseaseareas such as osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, oncology, ENT and neurology.

Valeant Canada

Valeant Canada specializes in the areas of pain management, heart disease, neurology and dermatology, and is one of Canada’s leading companies involved in R&D for dermatological products.


This leading private Swiss company is involved in generic drugs and non-prescription medications, with a presence in 19 European countries. The company specializes in 7 different areas of medicine, including pain management, metabolic disorders, childhood diseases, urological problems and skin problems.