About Mediline

Mediline is a privately owned company that imports and promotes pharmaceuticals, Dermo-Cosmetics and para-medical products in Israel.

Mediline was established in 1983 by Mr. Stello Robinson, and has become one of the most dynamic companies in Israel’s pharmaceutical industry. The company specializes in the exclusive import and marketing of medical pharmaceuticals, Dermo -cosmetic products and para-medical products from international brands, as well as the branding and marketing of products owned by the company.

Today Mediline employs around 70 people and its activities are focused in two locations: the company head office in Herzliya, and its logistical center based in Yokneam, which houses the company’s supply chain management team, storage facility and licensing department. The company also has sales and marketing representatives all over Israel.

Company Activities

Most of our company’s products, both medications and other pharma products, are based on existing clinical data with proven impact, demonstrating added value to the treatment of various medical problems. Mediline also works closely with medical professionals – doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and paramedical personnel. Mediline also has many years of experience in Direct-To-Consumer marketing of consumer products, Dermo-cosmetic products and over the counter medications (OTC).

Mediline’s focus is in the Israeli market. However, some of the brands that are owned by the company are also sold abroad.

Mediline has two business divisions:

Pharmaceuticals Division

This division is responsible for the marketing of imported and domestic prescription drugs and OTC medications to health funds, medical professionals and health organizations in Israel. This division is responsible for all aspects of the marketing process, including medical information management, training activities, etc.

Most of the products handled by this division are unique, patented pharmaceuticals. Most are included in Israel’s ‘health basket’ as approved by the Ministry of Health and available through the national health funds. These products cover a wide range of medical applications, including dermatology, oncology, urology, pain management, gastroenterology, psychiatry and women’s health.

The products marketed by this division include, among others: Navelbine for the treatment of breast and metastatic lung cancer, Permixon for treatment of enlarged prostate, Benzamycin for inflammatory acne, and Moviprep for bowel cleansing prior to endoscopic examinations.

Consumer Health Division

The Consumer Health division is responsible for the marketing of OTC (over the counter) medications, Dermo-cosmetic products, para-medical products and nutritional supplements. The sales teams of this division work with many health professionals including doctors, pharmacists, nurses, community health workers, as well as in consumer markets.

Among others, this division promotes the following brands:

AVENE – one of the two largest Dermo-cosmetic brands in the world, including a range of products for the treatment of different medical problems associated with sensitive skin.

A-Derma – a range of products for atopic dermatitis.

Blistex – brand of lip moisture products with different flavors for the relief of dry and cracked lips.

Natural Sea Beauty – a range of Dermo-cosmetic products based on Dead Sea minerals. This brand was established more than 20 years ago by L’Oreal. Mediline acquired this brand in 2010. It is sold to the local market, particularly tourists in Israel, and for export.

Marketing Activities

The sales and marketing division of Mediline employs professional and experienced staff, who all have academic backgrounds and an in-depth knowledge and understanding of their respective fields. Medical representatives of Mediline undergo rigorous screening and thorough training in all aspects of their work. Our marketing activities include the creation of sales and marketing channels and the facilitation of direct communication with clients, including face-to-face meetings and various marketing activities.

The company uses many different marketing channels to reach consumers, including digital media, press and television advertising. In addition, the company has set up training events and seminars at which we share professional and in-depth medical information with medical professionals.

Business Support Units

The company has 4 business support units: the Finance Department, the Human Resources Department, the Supply Chain Management unit, and the Regulatory Department, which is responsible for all regulatory aspects of the company’s operations, including registering products with the Ministry of Health.